3 of the best eco friendly deodorants you need to try



Finding a trustworthy eco friendly deodorant can be hard work if you haven't tried any before. The last thing you want is to be let down after a sweaty yoga session. We prefer to avoid traditional antiperspirants because they usually contain aluminium salts. These work by plugging your pores to stop you sweating. They have been linked with everything from itchy dermatitis, to alarming side effects like 患乳腺癌的风险增加. Many aluminium based deodorants are also unsuitable for vegans 和 not sustainably packaged.

So what's the alternative 和 do eco friendly formulations actually work?

Natural deodorants have long had a reputation for being weaker 和 ineffective compared to antiperspirants, but this simply isn’t true anymore. It’s all down to hero ingredients like 椰子 and 迷迭香油. They both have antibacterial properties that work by making your underarms inhospitable to bacteria. Less bacteria, means minimal odour. Our favourite formulations also contain plant-based ingredients like 智者 and 柠檬草, perfect for soothing the sensitive skin under your arms, with an amazing fragrance that lasts all day. Just as good at keeping you sweat free as an antiperspirant, using natural, vegan-friendly ingredients that are kinder to you 和 the environment.

Want to try our pick of the bunch? Here are the 3 must-have eco friendly, plastic free deodorants you need to try:

唤醒有机物 - Aura Natural 除臭剂

A natural deodorant that eliminates dampness 和 odour thanks to a clever blend of natural ingredients. First up is 椰子 oil, which contains lauric acid, excellent for killing off the bacteria that cause unpleasant smells. There’s also arrowroot, which works by eliminating toxins; 柠檬草, to give you a zesty, clean scent; 和 lavender, great for soothing skin irritation.

It also contains kaolin, a naturally occurring clay mineral with amazing absorbency. Used in skincare for hundreds of years, kaolin is much gentler than many other clays, allowing your body to sweat without odour. It also won’t leave white marks 上 clothes – hurray!


Yes. Plastic free deodorants can be hard to track down, but 唤醒有机物 have really nailed it. Their packaging is 100% sustainable, with a recyclable glass jar 和 aluminium lid. We love the minimal, crisp design too.

唤醒有机物 – Moon Goo Natural 除臭剂

Another excellent natural deodorant, with a fun name you won’t forget when you need to re-order! Moon Goo is an extra strength formulation, making it a great option if you exercise frequently 和 perspire more heavily.
Stronger performance doesn’t mean harsh ingredients. Everything this deodorant contains is 100% natural 和 plant-based, no aluminium, alcohol, petroleum by-products, or parabens. It’s also another plastic free anti-perspirant, packaged in a recyclable aluminium tin.


The main active ingredients are 椰子 oil, which works it’s antibacterial 和 antifungal magic, alongside 迷迭香油. Rosemary has a dual effect: it provides a zingy, clean scent 和 is thought to fight bacteria 和 减少组织炎症. Just the sort of properties you want for the sensitive underarm area, which can often be prone to ingrown hairs 和 irritation.

进化美 – Cotton Fresh 除臭剂 Cream

A cruelty-free vegan deodorant, which comes in an easy to apply, super soft cream formula. The sheer texture is down to a carefully balanced blend of shea butter 和 椰子 oil. Shea butter is a wonder ingredient, perfect for soothing sensitive underarms. It contains high concentrations of fatty acids 和 vitamins, both of which have excellent anti-inflammatory 和 healing properties.


Other incredible natural ingredients include kaolin clay 和 智者 essential oil. We’ve already talked about how kaolin minimises perspiration, while 智者 oil has excellent antibacterial properties 和 an aromatic, refreshing scent. Did you know 智者 oil is also believed to be a natural antidepressant? So as well as keeping you dry 和 fresh, in theory this deodorant could also boost your happiness levels each morning.


It’s worth noting that we all have a unique body chemistry, so you may need to try out different deodorants to find the 上e that works best for you personally. Good luck!


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